New Science Verification Datasets

JAO has released new Science Verification Datasets (see the full announcenment here). The release contains the following data:

  • VY CMa: water masers at Bands 7 and 9, demonstrating the 1-3 km baseline capability
  • Comet Lemmon: the HCN line in Band 6, demonstrating the Doppler tracking of ephemeris targets

They can be downloaded from the ALMA Science Portal.


LIME 1.31 released

Version 1.31 of the Line Modeling Engine (LIME) is now available for download.


ALMA Cycle2 Proposal Review

A detailed report about ALMA Cycle 2 proposal can be found at the ESO Science Portal.


Final ALMA Antenna Arrives on Chajnantor

The 66th (and final) ALMA antenna has arrived at the high site. You can find more information at the ESO press release.



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