European ARC Announcements online

Announcements of interest for the European ALMA user community are now online:

EU ARC Announcements

The EU ARC Announcements provide the ALMA user community in Europe with ALMA Science and ALMA Program news, workshops, information related to data reduction and tools (e.g. CASA), and others. A new edition of European ARC Newsletter will follow soon. Stay tuned.


LIME 1.5

LIME 1.5 has been released and is available from github:

LIME 1.5

This release merges together several versions which had undergone separate development over the past year. LIME 1.5 is significantly faster and has had many bugs cleaned out of it. Future developments of LIME will look at improving the algorithm and finding further speedups; we'll also work on providing an easier interface.


New version of the ALMA OST

A new version of the ALMA observation support tool (OST), compatible with cycle 3, has been released.



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