ALMA Cycle 3 science preparation workshops

In preparation for the ALMA Cycle 3 proposal deadline, Allegro organizes a number of "mini-workshops" on ALMA science and proposal preparation. These half-day workshops will be held in collaboration with two of the NOVA networks, and focus on Galaxies & Cosmology (NW1), and the Galaxy and Star and Planet Formation (NW2). Researchers working on Compact Objects, Black Holes, and Neutron Stars (NW3) are encouraged to attend (parts of) the NW1 or NW2 workshops, or a short presentation in Nijmegen on Tuesday March 24.

Each workshop will consist of

  • ALMA Cycle 3 capabilities
  • Highlights of recent ALMA results in the NW-science area
  • Short contributions from participants
  • Discussion on proposal ideas and possibilities
  • Tips, tricks, and ways in which Allegro can help

Tuesday March 10, 1300-1700, Amsterdam (Science Park, room G3.02, see map): Network 2 (sign up here)

Tuesday March 24, Nijmegen: 30-min presentation on Cycle3 capabilities

Wednesday April 1, 1030-1500, Groningen (Kapteyn): Network 1 (sign up opens March 18)

Please sign up for the NW meetings through the links above; if you wish to give a short (5-10 min) presentation on an ALMA result or a proposal idea, please email


New Science Verification Datasets

JAO has released new Science Verification Datasets (see the full announcenment here). The release contains the following data:

  • VY CMa: water masers at Bands 7 and 9, demonstrating the 1-3 km baseline capability
  • Comet Lemmon: the HCN line in Band 6, demonstrating the Doppler tracking of ephemeris targets

They can be downloaded from the ALMA Science Portal.



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