Expertise areas

Observing at high frequencies

ALMA reaches its full potential at the highest frequencies and the longest baselines. These observations are strongly affected by the atmosphere. This includes bands 8, 9 and 10, and those parts of band 5 most heavily impacted by telluric water. Allegro supports ALMA in developing strategies to overcome atmospheric degradation of the data. This work includes analysis of phase stability, water vapor radiometer readings, and weather statistics; fast switching and dual frequency observations; searching and monitoring calibrators; and developing best operational practices.

  • WVR and Phase metrics
  • Band-to-Band transfer technique
  • Calibration in the High-Frequency bands
  • Synergy with radio astronomy

    Long before sub-millimeter interferometry started, aperture synthesis was developed at longer radio wavelengths. Allegro has close connections to radio astronomy in the Netherlands, including ASTRON and JIVE, and is constantly seeking to import practices and algorithms to the sub-millimeter. A particular focus is the development of millimeter-VLBI with ALMA.

    Infrastructure for science analysis

    Fully calibrated and imaged ALMA data are only where research begins. Allegro assists scientists in the analysis of their data by offering access to a suite of analysis tools and simulation codes.