ALMA Cycle 11 Proposal preparation and Important dates

With the upcoming Cycle 11 call for ALMA proposal, Allegro is providing support to ALMA users with the following plans:

  • For general questions regarding:
    • dual anonymous review process, 
    • distributed peer review, 
    • accessing the ALMA archive and using the ALMA Observing Tool (OT) to prepare your observing programme, 
    • new features in Cycle 11           

          Please direct your questions to or

  • User support that Allegro offers:
    • For quick questions, we encourage our community to reach out to us via email ( Leiden members are also highly encouraged to interact with us via the Allegro slack channel (#allegro) in the Leiden Observatory internal slack, we will keep an eye out for messages! Mutual discussions with colleagues and experienced ALMA users in our community will add value to this exchange and will be welcome and appreciated. 
    • For more complicated cases you can request a meeting with the Allegro staff via Google spreadsheet for face-to-face support (both in-person and zoom options are available). Note that we have limited time blocks.
  • We would like to note also that Allegro members will be traveling between 15-19 April which means that we may not be able to respond right away.  We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Allegro will be hosting a borrel after the ALMA deadline (as a reminder: 5PM CEST on 25th April!) to celebrate. So you are all invited to celebrate your proposal submission with us with drinks and snacks from ~5:15 PM onwards. The borrel will be in the Kaiser Lounge (BM 4.23) at the new Gorlaeus building.


Important dates for ALMA Cycle 11 call (more details from the Cycle 11 Call for Proposals):

  • 21 March 2024: Release of the ALMA Cycle 11 Call for Proposals and Observing Tool (OT), and opening of the archive for proposal submission
  • 25 April 2024: Proposal submission deadline
  • October 2024: Start of Cycle 11 observations, spanning 12 months