ARTIST (Adaptable Radiative Transfer Innovations for Submillimeter Telescopes) is a set of two CASA tools that allow you to

  • select one of nine pre-coded astrophysical models describing young stellar objects, planet forming disks, or circumstellar shells;
  • adapt the parameters of these models;
  • calculate the excitation of a user-selected molecule using the LIME (LIne Modeling Engine) accelerated monte-carlo code;
  • and calculate the (sub) millimeter line emission of this object at a specified distance and orientation.

The output is a FITS cube that can be further processed within CASA, for example to create mock ALMA observations for proposal preparation and data analysis.

Available resources

ARTIST was originally developed under contract from ASTRONET by the universities of Bonn, Copenhagen, and Leiden, the Onsala Space Observatory and the Institute of Space Sciences (IEEC-CSIC). LIME was developed originally by Christian Brinch. The CASA implementation of ARTIST was developed under contract with ESO as an ALMA Development study (56787/14/60579/HNE).

LINEPOL is a ARTIST module for linear polarization of molecular line emission in three dimensions of arbitrary geometry. It has been developed by Rolf Kuiper and is described in Kuiper et al. (submitted to A&A). The code is frozen and does not come with any warranty or support. Everyone is free to download the code and use and adapt it. Do not redistribute under the LINEPOL name after making changes. LINEPOL requires LIME 1.03 (included) and the third-party sofware packages (not included; LINEPOL works with the indicated version numbers only): cfitsio3181, gsl-1.14, and qhull-2003.1

• Download the LINEPOL source code (includes LIME 1.03):

• Download LINEPOL examples: