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ALMAxLeiden- “The Great Telescope Adventure” walking tour launched in Leiden

As part of the European City of Science Leiden 2022 project, Allegro has been developing a series of self-guided walking tours to introduce the public to ALMA and radio interferometry. The first tour entitled “The Great Telescope Adventure” has now launched. Participants take on the role of young researcher Robin, who is visiting ALMA only to find that all of ALMA’s antennas have stopped working. It’s then up to them to get ALMA functioning again by visiting and reactivating a number of ALMA antennas one by one. As the tour progresses and more antennas come online, the image of the object Robin is observing will become clearer revealing how the process of interferometry works. During the tour Dr Maria Gomez serves as a guide who offers interesting facts about radio astronomy, ALMA and connections to Leiden. The route of the walking tour visits several landmarks in the centre of Leiden, is 5.2km long and can be completed in roughly 1.5 hours. You can find out more about ALMAxLeiden on the ALMAxLeiden website or go directly to the English Tour or the Dutch Tour to try them out.