ALMA-VLBI QA2 Workshop– Leiden Lorentz Center, 24-28 February 2020

Allegro is hosting a QA2 training workshop for phased-ALMA data acquired during VLBI observations, which will be held in Leiden (the Netherlands), on February 24-28 2020.
VLBI is an observing mode offered since Cycle 4, and the first observations were conducted in Apr 2017. The QA2 process for VLBI projects is significantly more complex than the procedure for standard projects, requiring a close loop between ARCs, JAO and VLBI correlators.
The main goal of the workshop is to train ALMA astronomers so that the QA2 work load can be distributed across different regions. The training workshop will involve hands-on work on past cycles datasets.
This workshop is restricted to the trained QA2 analysts in ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs).





Ciriaco Goddi (Chair) Allegro/Dutch ARC node
Geoff Crew Haystack/MIT
Ivan Marti-Vidal University of Valencia
Hugo Messias JAO
Stefanie Muehler German ARC node
Dirk Petry ESO
Helge Rottmann MPIfR
Registered participants:Abhijeet BorkarCzech node


European ARC nodes  
Lydia Moser German node
Rosita Paladino Italian node
Kazi Rygl Italian node
Andres Perez Allegro/Dutch node
Daniel Tafoya Nordic node
Tobia Carozzi Nordic node
Ciro Pappalardo PACE/Portuguese node
Adam Avison UK node
Anita Richards UK node
East Asia ARC  
Atsushi Miyazaki Japanese node
Jihyun Kang Korean node
Alfonso Trejo-Cruz Taiwanese node
North America ARC  
Brian Mason NRAO
Erica Keller NRAO
David Rebolledo JAO
VLBI Correlators  
Jan Wagner MPIfR
Yurii Pidopryhora MPIfR
HOTELSYou could consider staying either close to the Lorentz Center (about 2.5 km from the center), or near the railway (Leiden Centraal) station (where the center begins).
There are regular buses from the Leiden Centraal station to the Lorentz Center (see the links below for more specific details if you will be coming by bus).
In alternative, you can look into renting a bike for your stay. You can pick this up at the railway station, at the rear (exit towards the hospital). Bikes costs 7.50 euro per day or 37.50 for a week.Near the workshop venue:


Hilton Garden Inn (500-m to the Lorentz Center, 4-stars)
Holiday Inn (950-m to the Lorentz Center, 4-stars)
Van der Valk Hotel (1.6-km to the Lorentz Center, 4-stars)

Near the train station / center of Leiden.

Golden Tulip Leiden-centre (Central station, 4-stars)
Fletcher Wellness-Hotel (Central station, 4-stars)
Tulip Inn Leiden-centre (Central station, 3-stars)
Ibis Leiden-centre (Central station, 3-stars)

Boutique Hotel d’Oude Morsch (Near Central station, 3.5-stars)
Best Western City Hotel (Center, 3-stars)



-Directions to Leiden ObservatoryNote that this is not the old Observatory in the center of Leiden.There are regular buses from the Leiden Centraal station, buses 43 (direction Den Haag) or bus 57 (direction Nieuw Vennep). These take around 7 minutes. Please see the link below for more specific details if you will be coming by bus.


Instructions on how to get to Leiden Observatory, including transportation from Schiphol Airport, can be found here:
And a site map can be found here:


The venue of the workshop is the Snellius building of the Lorentz Center. The Leiden Observatory and Allegro offices are located on the 4-5th and 11th floor, respectively, of The Huygens building (in front and to the right with respect to the Snellius building).

-Directions inside the building:


  • Room TBD on the 2nd floor of the Snellius building:
    At the entrance of the building there is a reception were they can provide you with directions.