Conference:Resolving the Extragalactic Universe with ALMA

There is an open call for applications to the conference “Resolving the Extragalactic Universe with ALMA” to be held November 9-13, 2020, focused on the latest scientific results on the high-redshift universe with the ALMA telescope.

The primary scientific themes are:

• High-z galaxies and quasars, the epoch of reionization.
• High-spatial resolution studies: Galaxy kinematics, outflows, mergers, etc.
• Blind surveys — The unknown.
• Simulations of high-z galaxies.
• Physical conditions in high-z galaxies: Gas mass, dust temperature, SFR, etc.

The Conference will be held at Waseda University (Shinjuku, Tokyo) with a 1-day working excursion to Kamakura. If you wish to attend (space is limited), please apply here


The Scientific Organizing Committee
Caitlin Casey
Miroslava Dessauges-Zavadsky
Jacqueline Hodge
Akio K. Inoue
Nissim Kanekar
Kana Morokuma
J. Xavier Prochaska