4th Netherlands ALMA Science Day: January 25, 2021

Allegro announces the 4th Netherlands ALMA Science Day, which will be held (online) on Monday, January 25, 2021. At this meeting, we will hear presentations of the latest scientific results obtained with ALMA by the Netherlands astronomical community. Special guest speakers include Rychard Bouwens (Leiden Observatory, on the REBELS Large Program), and Leen Decin (Leuven, on the Atomium Large Program – to be confirmed). We will also hear the latest updates on the status of ALMA and its return to science operations, and allow time to discuss user experiences and other ALMA related topics.

Following the Science Day, on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, introductory CASA training will be offered, again online. Throughout the remainder of that same week, Allegro staff will be available to (remotely) work with you on exploring the capabilities of CASA on the Allegro computing system.

To attend the event, please fill in this registration form. Contributed talks will be 15-20 minutes long and will showcase recent ALMA results from the Netherlands astronomical community.

Important dates:
– December 21, 2020: Deadline for registering to present a talk and registering to attend the CASA training.
– January 17, 2021: Deadline for registering to attend the Science Day talks.

Registered participants: (Last update 16-11-2020)

Michiel Hogerheijde Leiden Observatory
Violette Impellizzeri Leiden Observatory
Leen Decin KU Leuven
Rychard Bouwens Leiden Observatory
Aida Ahmadi Leiden Observatory
Alex Hygate Leiden Observatory
Andrés Pérez-Sánchez Leiden Observatory
Ashley Bemis Leiden Observatory
Katharina Immer Leiden Observatory