Me@Allegro at the Leiden Science Run

Your local ARC node members will run in the Leiden Science Run 2017.

The race aims to gather donations for the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). The foundation provides advice for refugee students on their studies and integrating into the European education and jobs system(s). Further information regarding the foundation can be found at the official UAF website.

Our team is called ‘MeAllegro’ with the motto ‘coherently challenged’.
Please donate to support us using any of the following forms: donation1 or donation2.

By supporting our team you are also encouraging us to achieve better coherence over the ALMA long baselines data!

Further information and relevant links:
[1] Science Run 2017
[2] UAF website
[3] Donation forms: donation1 or donation2.
[4] Find us in Facebook: Faculty of Science – MeAllegro Team