Netherlands ALMA Science Day — 22 November 2019.

Allegro is organizing an ALMA Science Day on Friday November 22, 2019, at Leiden Observatory.

Allegro organizes this meeting for the Netherlands ALMA community to share their exciting new science, hear the latest news from the telescope, and discuss user experiences and ALMA-related topics.

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    The third edition of the Netherlands ALMA Science day will be held in the 2nd floor of the Huygens Building (HL), room HL-226. We will start the program at 11:30 am with lunch. All the registered participants are invited to join us. We will offer sandwiches and fruits for the registered participants. Then, the science talks will start at 12:30. The first afternoon block of talks will finish with the presentation by this year’s invited speaker Dr. M. Zwaan (ESO). Our program is full of exciting topics including results from high-redshift studies, as well as studies of dust and molecular gas in proto-planetary disks. During the second block of talks, we will have a presentation by Dr. C. Goddi (Allegro) on the results of the Event Horizon Telescope!
    We will finish the day with a Borrel at the 11th floor, next to the Allegro offices. We look forward to seeing you!

    Follow this link to see the Program.

    Registered participants: (Last update 13-11-2019)

    Michiel Hogerheijde Leiden Observatory
    Jim Morrison University of Groningen
    Rudolf Le Poole Leiden Observatory
    Dazhi Zhou Leiden Observatory
    Shota Notsu Leiden Observatory, Leiden University
    Zhenlin Zhu SRON/Leiden University
    Prof. Harry van der Laan Leiden Observatory, ASTRON, ESO
    Ruslan Brilenkov Kapteyn Institute, University of Groningen
    Yuan Chen Leiden Observatory
    Gerard Pujol Hernandez API
    Margot Leemker Leiden University
    Huub Rottgering Leiden Observatory
    Marta Frias Castillo Leiden Observatory
    Alvaro Hacar Leiden Observatory
    Rychard Bouwens Leiden University
    Ewine van Dishoeck STRW-UL
    Stefan van der Giessen Leiden University
    Leon Trapman Leiden Observatory
    Gleb Fedoseev Laboratory for Astrophysics, Leiden Observatory
    Huib Intema ICRAR – Curtin University
    Jeroen Terwisscha van Scheltinga Leiden Observatory
    Kirsty Butler Sterrewacht Leiden
    Schuyler Wolff Leiden Observatory
    Sander Schouws Leiden University
    Leindert Boogaard Leiden Observatory
    Robin Mentel Leiden Observatory
    Lukasz Tychoniec Leiden Observatory
    Jozsef Varga Leiden Observatory
    Tabone Leiden University
    Yijun Wang University of Science and Technology of China & Leiden Observatory
    Andrew Barr Leiden Observatory
    Matthew Kenworthy Leiden Observatory
    Alexandru-Daniel Taun University of Groningen
    Vincent Icke Leiden University
    Violeta Gámez Rosas Leiden University
    Pengyu Liu Leiden University
    MARIANNA PATATOUKOU Leiden University
    Martijn van Gelder Leiden Observatory
    Micha Heilman Leiden University
    Pooneh Nazari Leiden University

    -Directions to Leiden Observatory

    Note that this is not the old Observatory in the center of Leiden.

    There are regular buses from the Leiden Centraal station, buses 43 (direction Den Haag) or bus 57 (direction Nieuw Vennep). These take around 7 minutes. Please see the link below for more specific details if you will be coming by bus.

    Instructions on how to get to Leiden Observatory, including transportation from Schiphol Airport, can be found here:
    And a site map can be found here:


    Note these specify the route to the Lorentz Center, which is in the forward leaning building in the photo. The event will be held in the joining taller building – The Huygens building. Leiden Observatory and Allegro offices are located on the 4-5th and 11th floor of that same building, respectively.

    -Directions inside the building:

    • HL-226 on the 2nd floor of the Huygens building:

    At the entrance of the building there is a reception were they can provide you with directions.
    The afternoon session will be held on the 2nd floor of the Huygens Building (HL), room HL-226.
    The borrel will be held on the 11th floor of the Huygens Building (HL), next to the Allegro offices (HL-11.22).