ALMA Proposal Preparation Day (online material)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The ALMA Director, along with the regional partners, have decided to delay the proposal deadline for the ALMA Cycle 8 Call for Proposals to NO EARLIER than 15 UT on 19 May, 2020. Therefore, Allegro has decided to postpone the Proposal Preparation Workshop of March 26 to a later date, approximately 3 weeks before the actual deadline (when this is decided).

For those who want to get started on their ALMA proposal still on the original schedule, we are providing a series of pre-recorded presentations:

which can be found below or on our YouTube channel.

Everyone is encouraged to e-mail Allegro with any questions that they may have after watching these presentations. We will answer all questions, either by e-mail or via an online session, and also collect Frequently Asked Questions in a constantly updated document. For your convenience, we have also created a toolbox with useful links to help you prepare your proposal.

We would like to highlight the possibility to submit Large Programs on both the main array (>50 hours) and ACA stand-alone (>150 hours). PIs who are considering a Large Program are encouraged to contact Allegro early to optimize your program and explore the many ways we can support your project.


 1. Welcome & ALMA Cycle 8 Capabilities (pdf file)

 2. Dual-Anonymous Proposal Review (pdf file)

 3. ALMA Observing Tool

Part 1/4: Introduction – download & installation (0:32), create a new proposal (3:13),
proposal information (4:50), proposal types (10:50)

Part 2/4: Science Goal Generation – general (2:30), field setup (3:30)

Part 3/4: Spectral Setup – continuum setup (1:30), spectral line setup (7:40)

Part 4/4: Calibration & Performance – synthesized beam (1:00), bandwidth for sensitivity (8:50),
technical justification (12:25), proposal summary (15:00), validation (19:30)

 4. Simulating ALMA Observations (pdf file)

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you have questions, concerns, or need support. We would be happy to set up a remote meeting with you via a video link or other remote means.


You can register for the Proposal Preparation Day at the following link.

Name Institution
Michiel Hogerheijde Leiden Observatory
Alvaro Hacar Leiden Observatory
Andres Perez-Sanchez Leiden Observatory
Aida Ahmadi Leiden Observatory
Alex Hygate Leiden Observatory
Lizette Guzman Leiden Observatory
Christian Ginski University of Amsterdam
Umit Kavak SRON/Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
Sarah K Leslie Leiden Observatory
Kimberly Emig Leiden Observatory
Pooneh Nazari Leiden Observatory
Marta Frias Castillo Leiden Observatory
Leon Trapman Leiden Observatory
Benoit Tabone Leiden Observatory
Alice Booth Leiden Observatory
Robin Mentel Leiden Observatory
Jozsef Varga Leiden Observatory
Katharina Immer JIVE
Margot Leemker Leiden Observatory
Anna Bartkiewicz Nicolaus Copernicus University
Abigail Frost KU Leuven
Daniel Harsono ASIAA
Sofia Rojas MPIA
Helga Denes ASTRON